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Prevention programmes for your most valuable resource

Anyone with interest in his company, leads his employees with understanding and heart. If you see it that way, then we should be partners!

Records show an alarming number of sick employees in German companies; the figures have doubled in recent years (study of DAK autumn 2010) - we challenge it - together with you.

The qualifying criteria in the business world is decided by audits and certifications. When it comes to labor and human health, the prevailing view is the processes and requirements of development is speeded up almost at will . The consequences are: stress. Emotional stress is the biggest cause of reduced performance, balance against the technical implications are enormous.

But the trend shows that more and more companies see the health of employees as a resource for the company. Through years of experience working with large companies (Siemens, E. ON, Huettenwerke Krupp Mannesmann), skilled & qualified sports scientists, therapists and the appropriate surroundings, we have developed for you a special platform for implementation with guaranteed success.

Our approach is to reduce stress and therefore achieve an improvement of health and performance:

You have the employees, which you care for, we have the expertise for prevention programmes and seminars about health care and prevention.


  • Resource oriented knowledge
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Stress relief sequences
  • Health conscious diet
  • Medical care with the initial examination

in a complete programme and tailored to your individual requirements and needs.

Your employees learn how to protect their body, mind and soul and deal positively with stress and we will give your employees the key to better health and performance.

About the "what, how and when" as well as all possibilities of cooperation, we would be glad to give you more detailed information.

Until then: Stay healthy!

For more information, please contact:

Josef H. Matheus

Telephone: +49 9288 72 0


Individuelles Gespräch mit Dr. Tinter im Parkschlösschen des relexa hotel Bad Steben
Fitnessraum im neuen Gewand im relexa hotel Bad Steben
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Nordic Walking im herrlichen Naturpark Frankenwald

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You will find the Bavarian health resort of Bad Steben, with its 175-year history of health treatment at the top of Bavaria near the town Hof. It is 600m above sea level in a beautiful mountain landscape with endless hiking trails, several Nordic walking trails and a mountain-bike network.
Kurpark Bad Steben

Climb up easily all the hills of Franconia by bike, get to know people and the beautiful natural scenery, country and just forget the time
Hoteldirektor Josef H. Matheus gibt Ihnen vor Ort gerne persönliche Tourentipps