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Balancing massages according to your wishes and needs from € 24,00 *

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Body massages

Treatment Duration Price
Back massage 20 min. € 20,00
Aromatherapy back massage 20 min. € 22,00
Full body massage 40 min. € 40,00
Aromatherapy full body massage 40 min. € 44,00
Hand massage 20 min. € 20,00
Foot massage 20 min. € 20,00
Foot reflexology massage 30 min. € 32,00
Slate stone back massage 45 min. € 45,00
Slate stone full body massage 75 min. € 79,00
Ayurasan body massage 75 min. € 75,00
Indocéane full body massage 60 min. € 69,00
Shiatsu part treatment 60 min. € 62,00
Shiatsu whole treatment 120 min.  € 110,00

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You will find the Bavarian health resort of Bad Steben, with its 175-year history of health treatment at the top of Bavaria near the town Hof. It is 600m above sea level in a beautiful mountain landscape with endless hiking trails, several Nordic walking trails and a mountain-bike network.
Kurpark Bad Steben

Climb up easily all the hills of Franconia by bike, get to know people and the beautiful natural scenery, country and just forget the time
Hoteldirektor Josef H. Matheus gibt Ihnen vor Ort gerne persönliche Tourentipps